There are a number of benefits of yoga and meditation, and most of us are well aware of the importance of yoga and meditation in daily life. When we think about health, organic food and physical exercise are the very first things that pop into our minds. You should understand that total health isn't just about the physical well being. Our mind, body and spirit are interconnected and affect each other tremendously. If any of these falls off the balance, our whole body will feel on the same level. To be in complete health and harmony, our needing to be in balance.

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Our mind and body always remain in work mode to fulfil our needs and desires. It's easy for the mind to fall in the loop cycle of work, sleep and work. This results in mental and physical exhaustion.By incorporating Yoga and Meditation in your daily life you can beat exaution and gain number of other benefits.

Our mind is constantly occupied with distractions and worries resulting in stress and anxiety throughout the day. Whenever your mind demands peace and body demands energy and relaxation, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Hold the breath for a moment, and exhale. Meditation is a way to relax your mind while yoga is a way to relax your body.

Yoga is basically a group of physical and mental postures or asanas originated in India. It is just isn't a physical or mental practice or disciplines which benefits the body but has a meditative and spiritual base at its core. Hatha yoga is a very popular form of yoga in the Western world.

With postures, you're also training equanimity, and you're training the mind to become focused so basically Yoga and Meditation go hand-in-hand and they have been practised from thousands of years ago to keep the mind, body and spirit in total health.

Documented evidence shows that the practice of yoga was started 5000 years ago and the practice of meditation can be traced back to over 1500 BCE.

In the 1980s the western countries started discovering the benefits of yoga and meditation. Soon thousands of western peoples got interested in both the practices making it highly popularized.

Since then, scientists and researchers conducted thousands of studies highlighting the benefits of yoga and meditation.

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